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At Hellas Group, our vision is to entice individuals from around the world to fall in love with Greece. We aim to become our country’s “brand ambassadors”, making the best of Greece available to an international audience, while offering the highest standards of greek hospitality and the finest greek products.

We have a dual philosophy: to act with authenticity, respect, integrity and honor towards each and every one who gets in touch with our products and services, and to act with exactly the same principles towards Greece’s rich history and unparalleled cultural heritage. With a customer-centric mindset, we create engaging unsurpassed experiences straight from the heart, aiming to promote Greece among the top quality destinations.

We don’t just bring you the best of Greece; we take the best of Greece and adjust it to your specific needs and desires.


Hellas Group's shareholders and management team firmly believe that corporate culture and values, shared and supported by our workforce, are the keystones of our business.

These core values that benefit employees, customers, partners and associates, emphasize teamwork, cross-functional cooperation, passion for achieving challenging goals, and a robust commitment to innovation, excellence, customer satisfaction and superior levels of service quality. We believe in empowering our employees and helping them expand their horizons through their professional life.