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AMPHORA was established in 2007, aiming to introduce the finest quality, healthiest products from Greece’s pure soil and seas to China’s new generation -- for a healthier, longer and more vigorous life.

Today, the company exports selected greek products, bringing the unmatched benefits of mediterranean nutrition across different continents. AMPHORA has its own retail shops in Shanghai, multiple distribution channels, as well as a user friendly and highly functional e-shop. Throughout this wide variety of channels, the company exports Authentic, Mediterranean, Premium, Healthy, One-of-a-kind, Romantic, Amazing products coming from the greek soil and the greek seas, to the world. Whether they are virgin agricultural products or products made using healthy raw materials and traditional secret recipes, all the goods available via AMPHORA are characterized by exceptional quality.


AMPHORA’s extensive range of products stretches from olive oil to seasonings and internationally awarded greek wines. Based on the universally recognized Mediterranean diet pyramid, all products are very carefully selected in order to comply with our first-class quality standards, in order to enhance a healthier and more relaxed lifestyle.

With this underlying mindset, we bring to the world excellent greek products with high alimentary value and an indisputable contribution to a higher quality of everyday life:

  • High nutritional value greek olive oil
  • Olive-based products
  • Honey from the greek forests
  • Jams based on traditional greek recipes
  • Seafood from the greek seas
  • Famous and awarded greek wines
  • Greek spirits
  • Purest greek water
  • The world renowned greek yogurt
  • Authentic greek Feta cheese
  • Coffee varieties of selected aromas
  • Healthy snacks
  • Greek specialty products
  • Products cultivated under the greek sun, coming straight from the greek soil and the Mediterranean sea