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At Hellas Group, our guiding passion for gastronomy and Greece was the underlying force behind the creation of MILOS restaurant in Shanghai. Our restaurant enables visitors to taste and experience delicious traditional and contemporary greek cuisine, based on the healthy Mediterranean nutrition, while relishing greek hospitality.

This unique greek culinary experience was designed in order to offer the internationally renowned greek recipes in a matched environment, thus providing an integrated greek dining experience. The ambience in MILOS restaurant is based on the beauty of the Cycladic islands, with white and blue dominating the interior’s decoration. The overall feeling is that of a cosy and friendly ambience, similar to the cordial welcoming atmosphere in the islands of the greek seas. All dishes served in MILOS restaurant are prepared by our renowned greek chef and his team of greek cooks, with extensive experience and training on the preparation of recipes with high nutritional value and unparalleled taste. In order to prepare these dishes, we select and import the best greek products, making sure they are both high quality and fresh. In this way, our visitors have the unmatched experience of authentic greek food and hospitality right in the heart of Shanghai city.


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” was one of the ancient greek doctor Hippocrates’ most famous quotes. The truth and value of his words highlight the approach that greek cuisine has towards nutrition. This approach is the dominant philosophy in MILOS restaurant in Shanghai, offering the unique experience of greek gastronomy in China.

At MILOS guests enjoy an original greek dining experience where they can taste the healthy treasures coming from the greek sea as well as grill specialities, traditionally prepared and served according to greek style.

  • Dishes based on traditional recipes that pass on from generation to generation
  • All famous greek meat recipes, traditionally prepared and with a greek inspired twist
  • Greek seafood gastronomic treasures conveying a feeling of greek islands’ breeze and taste
  • All dishes spiced and garnished with herbs coming straight from the greek soil
  • Recipes based on unique ingredients: ELAION olive oil and the finest greek and mediterranean products
  • Full greek menu of appetizers, main dishes and desserts in an unsurpassed ambience of greek hospitality