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Night Event 5

05 JUL '23

The BEST of Greece Symposium at Hellas House in Shanghai: A Celebration of Greek Excellence

Discover the enchanting journey that unfolded at Hellas House in Shanghai on May 15-16 during the BEST of Greece Symposium. This captivating event brought together leading entrepreneurs, influential investors, and esteemed professionals to showcase the finest aspects of Greek culture, entrepreneurship, and investment opportunities.

Let us delve into the key highlights and insightful speeches that made this symposium an unforgettable experience.

HOW_Hellas House_ Korres (1)

Timeline & Highlights

The symposium commenced with an electric atmosphere as renowned experts and influential figures took the stage to share their perspectives on why Greece has become an emerging hotspot for investment and business development. The event offered a unique platform for collaboration, fostering meaningful connections between Greek brands and the thriving Chinese market. The compelling discussions on entrepreneurship, investment potential, and the vibrant opportunities Greece offers, captivated the participants.

Korres Walkthrough_HOW 6







May 15th, 2023

Guest Arrival & Walkthrough

Guests were warmly received by the Hellas Group Team as they arrived at the newly opened Korres shop in Shanghai. They explored the shop. Allowing them to explore the various products and learn about the brand. Following the shop visit, the guests were escorted to HOW an experiential concept brunch spot. Here, they were introduced to our signature products, including Honey Melariston, Olive Oil Elaion, and Tselepos wines. Korres branded ice cream helped beat the heat of the day. Each guest received gift bags containing our brand products.

In addition to the shop and brunch experience, guests also explored Hellas House. They were guided through the “Elaion Open Kitchen,” where cooking classes for Greek recipes are held. On that day, guests had welcome treats prepared on the spot by one of our chefs. The first floor featured the multi-use space called H Hall, which served as a venue for presentations, dinners, and private meetings. The H Hall showcased various photos illustrating the evolution of Hellas House from its inception to the present day.

Endeavor - H Hall

Minoan Room

Continuing their tour, guests proceeded to the second floor, where they discovered the Minoan Room. This specially curated space highlighted Greek luxury culinary dining, surrounded by a blend of modern and ancient Greek art on the walls. Adjacent to the Minoan Room was the Aegean Room, designed for meetings, afternoon tea, and more. It was uniquely themed to showcase the Paradox Museum, one of the main participants in the Symposium.

Eros Garden: The Main Event

After exploring Hellas House, guests had the opportunity to visit the special underfloor wine cellar and the Eros Lounge. They then walked out to the picturesque Eros Garden, where they spent the remainder of the evening.

The main event took place in Eros Garden, where guests had their delicious welcome drink. Mr. Pavlos Kontomichalos and his wife Sophia took the stage to express their gratitude for the support and presence of the special guests. They presented the history and new vision of Hellas House. Following the presentation, guests enjoyed Greek food and a special buffet, followed by evening drinks. This gathering brought together people from various industries and corners of the world, fostering networking opportunities and celebrating the five-year existence of Hellas House.

sakis tanimanidis - keynote speaker - hellas house

Standout Moments with Key Speakers

The symposium featured a remarkable lineup of speakers, each a trailblazer in their respective fields. Mr. Pavlos Kontomichalos, the Founder & CEO of Hellas Group, delivered an inspiring keynote speech emphasizing the exceptional beauty and potential of Greece.

Another standout moment of the event was the esteemed presence of Greek television presenter Sakis Tanimanidis. His charismatic personality and wit brought a vibrant energy to the gathering, engaging the audience with his charm and humor. Furthermore, Mr. Kampourides graced the event. His insights and contributions added depth to the occasion, creating memorable interactions with the attendees.

May 16th, 2023

Full-Day Event at Hellas House

It commenced with activities taking place in different areas of the venue. The H Hall hosted a lineup of events throughout the day, ensuring a comprehensive experience for all attendees. The Minoan Room showcased luxury Greek dining, culminating in a VIP guest lunch. Breaks and lunch receptions were provided for other guests.

The Aegean Room was dedicated to the spirit and Paradox Museum showcasing. Guests had the chance to immerse themselves in the exhibits and learn more about the showcased artifacts.

my odyssey - travel - hellas house

Eros Garden: Dedicated to Travel

Meanwhile, in Eros Garden, a morning event hosted by My Odyssey through CEO Mr. Fokion Drossos focused on luxury travel. Luxury travel agents attended presentations highlighting the beauty of Greece, culinary experiences, and travel recommendations. Prominent Greek hotels and private serviced villas like Erosantorini and Eros Cyprus were featured and provided valuable information to the attending travel agents. The event created a pleasant atmosphere for networking, education, and enjoyment.

In the afternoon, the Virtuoso Licensed Travel Agents had the pleasure to attend a special “travel” session. They toured Hellas House before gathering in Eros Garden for a presentation by Mr. Fokion Drossos. A lively discussion with a Q&A session followed, accompanied by drinks, networking opportunities, and fun. The event concluded with a private dinner exclusively arranged for the Virtuoso Travel Agents.

hellas house - best of greece

BEST of Greece Symposium

As the symposium drew to a close, attendees left with a profound appreciation for Greece’s diverse opportunities and untapped potential. The BEST of Greece Symposium Event succeeded in igniting the spark of curiosity and inspiring future collaborations between Chinese investors and Greek creators. Hellas House in Shanghai played a pivotal role in promoting these connections and fostering a deeper understanding of the best that Greece has to offer.

The BEST of Greece Symposium held at Hellas House in Shanghai was a resounding success, showcasing the beauty, entrepreneurship, and investment potential of Greece. The presence of esteemed speakers, insightful discussions, and opportunities for collaboration made this event an unparalleled experience. Through events like these, Hellas Group continues to forge meaningful connections between Greek creators, investors, and the global market, paving the way for a brighter future.