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09 MAY '19

Elaion Olive Oil awarded as “Best of Greece” for 2019

Elaion Olive Oil has been awarded for third time with the prize of ”Best of Greece’’ . The International Olive Oil Awards are organised and managed by a scientific institution, the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and specifically the School of Life Sciences and Facility Management for the 16th consecutive year. The award ceremony took place in Zurich, Switzerland in April 2019. There were more than 89 entries from more than 8 countries, which were tasted and judged objectively by an accredited panel of experts. The Swiss Olive Oil Panel consists of 35 trained experts and is recognised by the International Olive Oil Council for its sensory evaluations since 2013. Tests have been performed at the university’s fully equipped laboratories and olive oil is classified based on legal requirements ( EU/IOC).

Out of 10 Greek olive oils that participated, Elaion Fresh Bio Olive Oil, a 100% Koroneiki variety was distinguished as ”Best of Greece” of 2019. In a very difficult production year with limited quantities of good quality olive oil, Elaion Olive Oil was distinguished and thrived to reach the top for its harmony factor – 7.1, intensity, fruitless, bitterness and pungency. Mr. Konstantinos Scrivanos, founder and CEO of the company expressed his gratitude for such a distinction.