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23 ΣΕΠ '19

Discovery Tour: Ancient Greece by Ubisoft at Hellas House

Thursday, 5th of August UBISOFT is back at Hellas House! This time for the launch of Discovery Tour: Ancient Greece, the free, educational add-on for Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. This mode aims to teach players about Ancient Greece, its in-game recreation and the Greek civilization’s lore. Hellas House, being the ideal venue for this event, opened


13 ΣΕΠ '19

Bespoke Perfumer Atelier Cologne Paris (L’Oréal Group) celebrates its 10th Year Anniversary with Orange Sanguine Fragrance Limited Edition at Hellas House

:: September 3rd, 2019 :: On Tuesday, Hellas House was filled with the refreshing and energetic fragrance of citruses, hosting the 10th Year Anniversary of Atelier Cologne, which celebrated the happy occasion with the launch of its signature perfume’s Orange Sanguine limited edition. Atelier Cologne decided to collaborate with young street artist Steven Burke, Lucky Left


05 ΣΕΠ '19

New Shanghai Orchestra’s Elite Music Performance hosted at Hellas House.

NEW SHANGHAI ORCHESTRA (NSO) ELITE MUSIC WORKSHOP PERFORMANCE AT HELLAS HOUSE “Μή ζῴην μετ’ ἀμουσίας” – Εὐριπίδης (480 π.Χ. – 406 π.Χ.) “Never may I live without music” – Euripides (c. 480 – 406 BCE) Wednesday, 28th of August: Elated to announce that the Elite Music Workshop Performance by New Shanghai Orchestra (NSO) at Hellas



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